Wednesday, April 20, 2011

{think} Cuba update

{think} Cuba Tweets

Some tech activists may be back in the U.S. today - or headed home - after {think} Cuba business in Panama, their Tweets indicate.
Tom Serres, whose biography describes him as "an entrepreneur, techie, blogger, and strategist," wrote:
Back stateside from Panama. Feeling refreshed and ready to fuck'n CRANK it? @thinkcuba
It appears that Janessa Goldbeck is - or was - another participant. Her biography describes her as a "freelance consultant and officer candidate for the United States Marine Corps with a background in mass atrocity and genocide prevention advocacy." Today she Tweeted:
Things you do not want to hear from the guy in charge of rebooking your flight: "Are you in a big hurry to leave Panama?"
But it's not clear to me what's going on with the summit, whether this is all prep work for the event or if it's already taken place. The {think} Cuba website still shows the summit is planned for April 25 to April 29. Asi que, who knows...

April 20 screenshot from {think} Cuba website

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Rich Haney, Cubaninsider said...

It seems Stephanie Rudat, Janessa Goldbeck, and Tom Serres went to Panama to plan the latest Bay of Pigs attack, or at least to pretend such an attack so the money rolls in. Josefina Vidal, the prime defender of the island,
considered Panama the third leg in the recent triangular set. The first was the session in the Dominican Republilc in which G. H. W. Bush and Geoge W. Bush huddled with two former leaders -- Uribe and Aznar -- who seemed, during the G. W. Bush terms, to spend more time in South Florida than in Colombia or Spain. Secondly, Vidal eagerly read all the South Florida coverage of Lincoln Diaz-Balart's lavish "leaving Congress" dinner in which he admitted it would better enable him to carry out his Cuban agenda. Then came the third leg, the Panama gig. When astute journalists, such as top USA Today columnist DeWayne Wickham, want to know what's going on in Cuba, they fly to Havana and speak with only one person -- Josefina Vidal. Vidal believes the goal of the triangular sessions is to overthrow or kill Castro before Castro and G. H. W. Bush die of old age. Simple as that. Can Rudat out-smart or out-fight Vidal? Maybe, but I doubt it.