Tuesday, June 14, 2011

$21 million in Cuba grants up for grabs

U.S. Interests Section
Non-profit organizations and institutions of higher education are eligible to apply for $21 million in new Cuba grants.
The U.S. Agency for International Development will award the money.
The application deadline is July 18.
See details at the Cuba Money Project.

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Rich Haney, Cubaninsider said...

This latest $21 million to be dispensed by USAID to entities trying to overthrow the Cuban government will be about as successful as the Bay of Pigs attack was in 1961 (its utter failure greatly enhanced, benefited and eternally enshrined Castro as a revolutionary icon) and further validate the incredibly accurate conclusion by Penelope Purdy, the Latin American expert for the Denver Post: "The U. S. Cuban policy for all these decades has been conducted with the IQ of a salamander." As Phil Peters, the Cuban expert at the Lexington Institute, indicates in the above article, if the "Modus operandi is to send people clandestinely into Cuba," the U. S., not Cuba, will be the loser. The current VP and future president of China was in Cuba last week and made a point to tell Fidel Castro to his face that he literally worships Castro and considers him ("you of all men") to be the world's greatest "defender of national sovereignty." Most U. S. media ignored that meeting and the ten new major economic deals China signed with Cuba last week. As the Guardian, the powerful British newspaper, recently stated, "More and more China eyes focus on Latin American and more and more China realizes Cuba is the gateway to China's encroachment in Latin America." It's perhaps time Latin American experts studied Li, the Castro worshipper (soon to be China's new president) who fawned over Fidel last week. But, of course, that would require more than a salamander's IQ so it's not likely to happen till it's at least a little late. As for a fresh $21 million to universities, etc., to overthrow Cuba, such money should, if directed at Cuba, be under the auspices of Josefina Vidal, Cuba's Minister of North American Affairs. Heck, if it reaches the island in the form of laptops or any other dissident support she'll be aware of it pronto anyway, and she'll do something about it. Vidal, the most respected Cuban governmental official on the island, and Oswaldo Paya, the most respected anti-Castro dissident on the island, agree totally about the fallacy and stupidity of U. S. tax dollars designed to undermine the Cuban government. Vadal and Paya should be consulted regarding their views before $21 million here and there is wasted (except for padding certain bank accounts 90 miles from Cuba's shores).