Monday, June 13, 2011

New story about Cuba Money videos

Thanks to Ellery Biddle for her story about the Cuba Money Project's Vimeo channel. See the piece on Global Voices.
Biddle is the creator of half-wired, a blog about culture, politics and technology in Cuba.
Her bio says she studied for a semester at la Universidad de la Habana in 2004 and has been intrigued by Cuba ever since.
She is a graduate student at the University of Chicago at the Center for Latin American Studies and The Harris School of Public Policy Studies.


Rich Haney, Cubaninsider said...

This is an excellent posting because Ellery Roberts Biddle has both the insight and courage to speak the truth about the U. S. - Cuban conundrum. (I was already familier with her Half-Wired blog). Her position that it is ignorant, cowardly and hurtful for U. S. citizens to passively accept the U. S. government's excuse for spending millions of tax dollars supporting dissidents on the island and many millions more routinely handed to U. S. - anchored so-called "freedom loving" Cuban experts is 100% correct. However, the conundrum is such (since 1959) that the blatantly obvious facts are too often buried out of sight by a myriad of other self-serving distortions. Whether it's USAID or the boundless other U. S. dollars supporting dissidents on the island, the hypocrisy is always overwhelming: Would the U. S. object to China or Iran openly spending millions of dollars on U. S. soil to undermine the U. S. government. Professor Eaton has the best forum on modern-day Cuba because he depicts it as it is -- a two-sided topic. He is correct to present the views of dissidents such as Oswaldo Paya and Martha Beatriz Roque as well as the equally important contrasting views. The subject of Cuba has been plagued for too many decades by ignorance, complacency, and the total dominance of self-serving anti-revolutionary benefactors in the U. S. The Cubans on the islalnd, as Ms. Biddle savantly comprehends, should be the sole orchestrators of present-day and future Cuba...otherwise rapacious foreigners, the Mafia, drug lords, etc., will always be waiting with slobering fangs on the periphery to usurp their decision-making rights, as was the case from 1492 till 1959. If the now very elderly Castro brothers are to be overthrow, let Cubans on the island overthrow them, not foreigners.

Unknown said...

Thank you for your care for Cuba, my country.

alongthemalecon said...

De nada, Eloy. Gracias por tu comentario.