Wednesday, July 6, 2011

More Castro photos: Connecting dots and pixels

This is Fidel Castro's birthplace in Biran, Cuba. The house is now a museum and is filled with mementos from Castro's childhood.
Photo taken at the Castro home in Biran
Here's a photo I shot at the museum. It's the original version of a cropped photo I had posted earlier. I had asked readers if they could spot Fidel Castro is in the picture after Michael DeCossio wrote to me, saying:
Fidel Castro is not in the photo but I am. Fidel was much older in 1957. He was already fighting his revolution in the mountains.
Several more readers drew the same conclusion. Fidel Castro is not in the photo, they said. I took another look at the photo this morning and I couldn't find Castro, either.
Maybe someone at the museum messed up the caption.

In any case, if Castro is in the photo, he should resemble the likeness shown in this photo, also taken in 1936.

Fidel Castro in 1936. Photo by Robin Thom

A few more photos I shot in Biran are below.

Fidel Castro in 1941
Fidel Castro in 1940

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