Saturday, August 6, 2011

Smiles along the Malecón

Cuban girls with a sea urchin along the Malecón
 While in Cuba last month, I tried out a new video camera - a Sony HDR-PJ10. Among the camera's features: It automatically records still images while the video is recording. The camera saves images - like the three photos I'm posting here - whenever it detects that someone is smiling.
The camera can also project still or video images during playback. That made it easier to show Cubans images of themselves. All kinds of surfaces can used as a projector screen - anything from a white t-shirt someone's wearing to a patch of concrete along the Malecón.

Teen-agers gather at sundown along the Malecón
I returned from Cuba on July 27. I had to leave home again on unrelated business on July 29. I am now back home and have begun downloading and reviewing video clips from the Cuba trip. And that's when I discovered these smiling faces.

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