Thursday, October 13, 2011

2011 Cuba grants: Nearly $9 million to 9 companies

The U.S. government awarded $8,656,177 in Cuba-related grants to nine companies in September, federal records show.
Eight are non-profit organizations, most of them large, established outfits. One company, Creative Associates International, is a for-profit firm and a top recipient of U.S. foreign aid money.
Curiously, three non-profits - the International Relief and Development, the International Republican Institute and the Pan American Development Foundation, each received the same amount - exactly $693,069.
One organization, the Institute for War & Peace Reporting, or IWPR, looks like a newcomer to Cuba projects. It has received $3,118,058 in State Department grants since 2007 for work in Afghanistan, Azerbaijan and the Philippines, records show.

Here's what the organization does, according to its website:
  • IWPR works with local voices to identify the tough issues facing regions in conflict and transition. 
  • IWPR gives those who live the story the tools to report the story by setting up, training, and mentoring local media, strengthening their editorial and financial independence.
  • Through sound reporting on tough issues, IWPR informs local citizens and advances global news. 
  • IWPR reporting shines a bright light on issues too often ignored. WPR makes a difference – strengthening civil society, enhancing democratic debate, and advancing peace and development.
I posted a few additional details at the Cuba Money Project website.

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