Sunday, October 2, 2011

Promoting the free flow of information - at USAID

Today I was wondering who got the $6 million USAID grant to expand access to information in Cuba. I posted an entry on the grant announcement in June.
I checked to see if there was any new information on the program, entitled, "Facilitating the Free Flow of Information Program." I clicked on Full Announcement so that I could download the program documents and attachments, and here's what I got: A blank page.

Maybe someone ought to give USAID a multimillion-dollar grant to expand access to information within the agency (just kidding...).
The State Department and USAID's budget request for fiscal 2012 is $47 billion, not including $8.7 billion in contingency funds.
It's "a lean budget for lean times," Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said in a 467-page budget report. (If that document won't quite fit in your pocket, try this summary of just 178 pages).

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