Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Top 10 recipients of democracy aid to Cuba

Above is a chart showing U.S. democracy aid to Cuba (view and download from public Google Docs page). This is a corrected version of a chart I posted on Sept. 30. In the earlier chart, I believe I overstated the amount of money that Creative Associates International had received, and understated the University of Miami money.
The totals come from two sources:
Most of the money reported on the charts was taken from the audits. I prefer the audits as a source because they show precise spending by year, although they lag behind spending by more than a year.
To try to get more current numbers, I turn to the USAspending website, where I have found some information on contracts awarded to companies in September 2010.

This remains an incomplete picture of the total spending. Some Cuba projects are tucked away in broader programs that don't readily identify Cuba. Other projects aren't reported on the FedSpending website, and without knowing the names of all the contractor it is difficult to track down the federal audits.
Still, this chart gives you an idea who some of the major players are in U.S.-financed democracy programs. Here's the Top 10:
  1. International Republican Institute - $12,449,194 
  2. Center for a Free Cuba - $12,366,326 
  3. Freedom House - $10,589,712 
  4. Creative Associates International - $9,170,671 
  5. Grupo de Apoyo a la Democracia - $8,270,708 
  6. Pan American Development Foundation - $6,616,188 
  7. University of Miami - $6,382,576 
  8. University of Loyola - $$3,786,442 
  9. National Endowment for Democracy - $2,970,000 
  10. International Relief and Development - $2,075,966 
If anyone has information on contracts awarded in September 2011, drop me a line and I'll post the information. And if anyone sees mistakes in the statistics and other information that I post, please don't hesitate to get in touch with me and I'll try to correct the information.


I want to explore ways to make it easier for anyone to download and share charts like this one. Below are some of the tools and formats I am experimenting with:
  • Link to Excel file containing information for chart on Google Docs. To open the chart, see bottom of the Google Docs page. Click on the button marked 'Chart 3.'
  • Download Excel file of the Top 10 chart
  • Download PDF of the chart
  • Download a JPEG of chart
  • Paste this code to embed the interactive chart in any HTML page
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