Sunday, November 6, 2011

Interviews with La Joven Cuba bloggers

Harold Cárdenas
Today I posted two interviews with co-founders of La Joven Cuba, a blog based in Matanzas. See the interviews on the Cuba Money Project's Vimeo channel. In the coming weeks, I hope to post more interviews with a wide range of characters, including some people who support the Cuban government, and some who don't.

Roberto González


Melkay said...

Hi Tracey. I'm Melkay. I want to tell you that your series of interviews on both sides of the Cuban political spectre is certainly a great document. As always, your video interviews have been widely publicized by the Cuban pro-government online supporters. I, as usually, was coy to comment on it, but finally I posted my discomfort with one of the interviews (Harold's) in my blog, which is way smaller than LJC.

If you think it won't be an obstacle to your work, you are more than welcome to weigh in on the matter. The link is:

Best regards,

Tracey Eaton said...

Melkay -
Thanks for posting the videos on your blog. I think it's great that people are debating the ideas expressed in these and other videos. That seems very healthy to me.
I hope to post more videos in the coming weeks that will offer a wide range of opinion on Cuba and its future.

Melkay said...

Thanks for the response, Tracey. I'll look forward for you input. It will be interesting to see a more global view of the guy who made so many contradicting and nuanced interviews.

In the meantime, maybe you can help me settle an argument. Can you tell me where did this quote come from?

It belongs to a longer text that appeared on Penúltimos Días, on Februrary, as a reaction quote to the MININT conference leaked video. It presents a very particular view on the whole "Yoani is a manufactured figure" argument. Although, I don't know if that quote belongs to a larger context, so here are the two briefest questions I can think of:

1. Does that quote belong to a previous text, or was it just a private message sent to Ernesto?

2. Without necessarily explaining yourself, do you stand by that quote?

If you want some proper context for that argument, you can see my discussion with post Josep Calvet here (

Saludos a ti!
Sigue con tu buen trabajo,

- Michel -

Tracey Eaton said...

My comments on the leaked video originally appeared here. Ernesto Hernández Busto had asked me to comment on the video featuring Eduardo Fontes Suárez, and I gave him my views.
That was in February 2011. I stand by what I wrote. I know that some people are convinced that Yoani Sanchez is somehow a creation of the U.S. government, but I haven't seen any evidence of that.
Yoani does not need U.S. "handlers" telling her what to think or to say. She's is an intelligent woman with a mind of her own. My guess is that U.S. officials are the ones most interested in picking her brain, not the reverse.
Yoani has said she receives fees for writing articles and columns for a variety of publications. I don't think there's anything wrong with that. She has the right to try to earn a living and deserves to be paid for her work as a writer.
She has also won international prizes that include cash awards. I don't criticize her for that - I congratulate her.
Perhaps someday it will be revealed that the U.S. government provided funds for at least some of her award money.
Maybe we'll learn, for instance, that a U.S. government-financed organization helped pay for one of her awards. But even if that were true - and I don't know that it is - it wouldn't be fair to fault Yoani.
Like many bloggers and dissidents in Cuba, she could be receiving money from U.S. government-financed organizations without knowing the source of the funds.
I hope this helps clarify my comments.