Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Senator worries American travelers are propping up Cuban government

Sen. Marco Rubio on Tuesday expressed worry that Americans traveling to Cuba do nothing more than spend money that helps finance the socialist government. He asked diplomat Roberta Jacobson if the U.S. government was making sure that authorized travelers were somehow promoting democracy while on the island.

Jacobson, who is President Obama's nominee to be Assistant Secretary of State for Western Hemisphere Affairs, said she would have to review who's going to Cuba and what they're doing on the island.

I've asked the Office of Foreign Assets Control to release its current database of authorized travelers. OFAC says it is processing my request. See details here.


thart said...

It's too bad that more Americans could not visit Cuba. It's an amazing country and the whole world is there.

I've been to Cuba some 16 times and I've been in Havana about 5 times. Just got back from another trip to Havana and it's a hot, hot, destination - hot as in "uber cool." All the time I was there, seeing the Russians, the Chinese, the British, the Irish, the south east Asians, the Canadians, the Germans, the Spanish and the Italians, I was feeling so sorry for the Americans because they are missing out on this fabulous city.

Actor Benicio del Toro just finished making a film there called "7 Days in Havana." I'm sure this will help promote more American tourism, no matter by whatever route - to Havana.
Havana is a gorgeous city full of art, music, and culture, with its beautiful old urban palaces, some renovated and some in an achingly beautiful state of decay.

I'm trying to understand why America fears/loathes Cuba. Is it their politics? Is it that Americans lost businesses and properties after the Revolution of '59? Time to stop being a sore loser. There was a reason that the revolution happened when it did. Socialism is just another political party like the Democrats and the Republicans, etc, all mostly evil & corrupt anyways.
It also appears to be that the Cubans are looking forward to the return of the Americans. Havana will have her best party dress on by the time that happens.

Tracey Eaton said...

thart - thanks for your message. I know there are a ton of Americans who want to go to Cuba and are just waiting for the chance to go legally, without having to take part in a licensed trip. It's nice to hear they'll be welcomed with open arms.