Thursday, January 19, 2012

The Barrel Guy Revisited

I never knew his name, so I just called him "the Barrel Guy."
He was a Havana street performer who specialized in spinning barrels, those 55-gallon drums that you see at gas stations, repair shops and other spots.
He didn't just spin them around and that was it. He'd fling the barrel along the ground, sending spinning on edge out in front of him. It would travel in a circle, six or eight feet away before returning to the performer's hand like some strange Cupet boomerang.
Sometimes he'd get two barrels going at once. They spin around madly while he stood there nonchalant, as if those barrels didn't belong to him.
The Barrel Guy knew how to draw a crowd. I wonder if he's still at it.
Link: More photos and video of Havana's Amazing Barrel Guy.

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