Monday, January 16, 2012

CaféFuerte: Cuban spies began tracking Alan Gross in 2004

Kudos to CaféFuerte, which published a sentencing document today that gives details of Cuba's case against American subcontractor Alan Gross. Download 15 MB document here.

CaféFuerte's story by journalist Wilfredo Cancio Isla says that Cuban intelligence agents knew of Gross's work since mid-2004 when he traveled to Cuba to deliver a video camera and medicine to José Manuel Collera Vento, former head of the Freemasons fraternal organization in Cuba.

The document said Gross delivered the package on behalf of Marc Wachtenheim, director of the Cuba Development Initiative at the Pan American Development Foundation, or PADF, which receives funds from the U.S. Agency for International Development.

What PADF didn't realize is that Collera Vento was secretly working as an agent for the Cuban government. To learn more about Collera Vento, see this Cuba Money Project video interview - part 1 - and part 2.

Also cited in the sentencing document was another government agent, Raúl Capote. See interview with Capote here.

Phil Peters, creator of the Cuban Triangle blog, summarized parts of the document here.

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