Friday, January 20, 2012

Cuban government: Wilman Villar wasn't a hunger striker

CubaDebate today published a statement saying that Wilman Villar had been in trouble with the law for allegedly injuring his wife, Maritza Pelegrino, and joined a dissident group after he was persuaded that such a move would help him avoid punishment for that actions.
The government statement said:
...for several days foreign news agencies, from Miami in particular, been promoting an international defamation campaign, in collusion with internal counterrevolutionary elements, which present Villar Mendoza as a supposed "maverick" who died after going on a hunger strike in prison. 
In this regard, abundant evidence and testimony are available to show that he was not a "dissident" and was not on hunger strike.
Cuba mourns the death of any human being; it strongly condemns blatant manipulation by our enemies, and will dismantle this new aggression with the truth and the firmness that characterizes our people.
Villar's supporters deny the government's story - see two-page statement giving their version of events.

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