Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Interviews from both sides of the Florida Straits

I just uploaded more interviews with bloggers, activists, dissidents, Cuban government supporters and others who are passionate about the fate of Cuba. They include:
  • Joe Garcia, a Miami lawyer and former director of the Cuban American National Foundation. He gives his view of civil society in Cuba and U.S.-financed democracy programs. He also explains why he would like to visit Cuba during the Pope Benedict's upcoming visit. See part 1 and part 2 of interview.
  • Ted Henken, associate professor at Baruch College. He studies the impact of blogs and social networking on Cuban society, and is the creator of the El Yuma blog. See the first of three parts of the interview.
  • Creators of the La Joven Cuba blog. As shown from left to right in the video, they are Osmany Sánchez, Roberto González Peralo and Harold Cárdenas. See the first of four parts of the interview.
  • Iroel Sanchez, former president of Cuba's Instituto del Libro. He now works for the Oficina para la Informatización, which is under Cuba's Ministerio de la Informática y las Comunicaciones. His blog is called La Pupila Insomne. See interview.
  • Eduardo del Llano, a Cuban writer. See first of two parts of interview.
  • Berta Soler, leader of Damas de Blanco. See interview.
  • Rita Montes de Oca, a member of Damas de Blanco. See first of three parts of interview.
  • Vladimir Alejo, a Cuban dissident and husband of Rita Montes de Oca. See interview.
  • Ninoska Perez, a leader of the Cuban Liberty Council in Miami. See interview.
  • Ricardo Martinez-Cid, one of four Miami lawyers who has been working on a campaign called Cuba, Repression ID, aimed at identifying and naming Cuban security agents and government supporters who confront Cuban dissidents. See interview.
  • Elizabeth Garcia Guerra, a gay rights activist in Cuba. See interview.
More videos to come next week.

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