Saturday, February 25, 2012

100th Cuba Money Project video just posted

Karina Gálvez
A former state security agent, two journalists and a Cuba expert in Miami are featured in the latest videos posted to the Cuba Money Project's Vimeo channel.
I am posting the same videos to the Cuba Money Project's new YouTube channel.
The last video posted is a two-part interview with Karina Gálvez, a Cuban economist and independent journalist who lives in Pinar del Rio.
With the Gálvez interview online, there are now 100 videos posted. They feature 72 people, ranging from dissidents and members of Damas de Blanco to pro-government bloggers and former Cuban state security agents.

Percy Francisco Alvarado Godoy, a.k.a. Agent Frayle
The videos just posted also include interviews with Percy Alvarado Godoy, a former Cuban state security agent; Eugenio Yáñez, editor of the website Cubanálisis; and Cuban journalist Luis Chirino.

Eugenio Yáñez
In the coming months, I plan to continue doing interviews in Cuba, South Florida and Washington, D.C. I thank all those people who have given generously of their time and energy.

Luis Chirino

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