Thursday, June 21, 2012

iPad's country of origin list skips Cuba

The iPad skips Cuba, making it impossible to list it as your country of origin
Bloggers curious about visitor traffic won't be able to use Google Analytics anymore in Cuba. The Cuban government on Tuesday called it "outrageous censorship." Google said it was a "technical block" aimed at complying with U.S. trade sanctions against Cuba. 
Apple has blocks of its own. Just try listing your country of origin as Cuba when registering an iPad. The iPad list doesn't include Cuba - as if the country didn't exist.
It reminds me of some of the ridiculous Caribbean travel guides that omit Cuba entirely.
Anyway, I didn't intend to buy an iPad anytime soon, but I am working on an iBook and I quickly learned that you can't preview your work unless you tether your computer to an iPad.
Armed with that wonderful excuse, I bought a new iPad earlier this week.
Here's my iPad showing one of the Cubans who appears in the iBook.
He's holding two motorcycle engines. "Look, I'm a V-twin," he said.
My book is about Cuba - no surprise there. It'll contain dozens of stories and many hundreds of photos. I hope to send it to the iTunes store late next week.
Most of the book is done and loaded into iBooks Author, a pretty nifty tool. But I am not done writing. I still have five or six chapters to go and was listening to a few final taped interviews this morning.
I've read that Apple's approval process can take weeks, even months, and there's no guarantee the book will be accepted. But I'll post any news once I have it.

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