Monday, June 18, 2012

Wanted: A contractor to manage U.S.-paid journalists

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The Broadcasting Board of Governors is exploring the idea of hiring a single company to manage its government-paid journalists in Central America and the Caribbean, including Cuba.
The BBG, which oversees the Voice of America, the Office of Cuba Broadcasting and other operations, asks interested companies to submit their qualifications for such work by June 28, according to
The agency said contractors must describe their:
demonstrated experience relative to staffing and managing a workforce of at least 100 full-time employees providing to news organization and Government customers (with very general guidance from, but NOT supervision by, those customers).
A June 13 notice says the BBG has not committed to the consolidation plan and is merely exploring its options.

The notice states:
The BBG is seeking a company capable of providing regular reports from journalists presently residing in the Central American and Caribbean region. The journalists would conduct interviews and provide fair, accurate, balanced and objective news and feature stories in Spanish for broadcast on radio, television, mobile and web as required, including breaking news, and deliver news reports and work on short deadlines. 
Journalists should also be able to gather and provide photographs and video and should be able to both pitch their own stories and respond to the needs of the BBG newsrooms. 

Interested parties should also explain the existing procedures that they use to verify reports (double sourcing) before stories are transmitted to BBG. 
The journalists under employment need not be full time employees of the interested party (i.e. they can be freelancers) but the company will handle all necessary paperwork and payments related to the employment of said journalists, including taxes, tariffs, etc. 
In addition, the interested party would be responsible for the accuracy and technical quality of the reports.
These services are currently provided by a large number of individual independent contractors. 
In order to enhance performance of its journalism and international broadcasting missions, BBG is exploring the possibility of consolidating these contracted services under one or more "umbrella" service contracts.
BBG is conducting market research to ascertain the existence of sources having the demonstrated ability to provide staffing and management of contractor personnel to perform the services described above.
At least one company - Daiha Consulting Group Inc. - has expressed interest in the job so far, records show.


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