Saturday, September 1, 2012

Cuban blogger recorded his own arrest (updated)

The building where Pardo was being held on Saturday, according to Yoani Sánchez. Photo: Twitpic
(Update: A patrol car carrying Orlando Luis Pardo and his girlfriend Silvia was heading to Pardo's home to drop them off after their brief detention, Yoani Sánchez tweeted Saturday night. Pardo thanked fellow bloggers and others for their support. "Thanks for the solidarity and infinite love," he told his Facebook friends).

Cuban authorities on Saturday detained Orlando Luis Pardo, a blogger who managed to leave his phone on during his arrest so that fellow blogger Yoani Sánchez could hear the commotion.
Sánchez and others gathered Saturday night outside the building where they thought Pardo was being held and demanded his release.
Cuban authorities describe Pardo a "counterrevolutionary" and allege that he receives financing from abroad.
In a 2011 interview (see transcript), Pardo said authorities wrongly malign Cuban bloggers as a "fifth column" bent on undermining the socialist government when actually they are only exercising their right to dissent.
In recent weeks, Pardo had been working on the latest edition of the Voces Cubanas magazine, which had been expected to be unveiled on Sept. 7.
Pardo said the issue would be dedicated to Oswaldo Payá, a dissident leader who was killed along with another activist, Harold Cepero, in a car crash on July 22 in eastern Cuba.

Photo credit: Orlando Luis Pardo
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