Monday, September 3, 2012

Still no sign of Ivan

I still have no idea if Ivan López Monreal exists outside someone's fertile imagination. That was the name on a letter that was supposedly written by a Cuban who had left the island and settled in Bulgaria (for background, see my previous post "Proof of life: Searching for Ivan".)
La Agence France-Presse, the world's oldest news agency, quoted from the letter in an Aug. 23 story entitled, "Young Cuban immigrants demand the right to express opinions and make decisions in their country."
Iroel Sánchez, creator of La pupila insomne, a blog that supports the Cuban government, wrote on Monday that he's waiting for AFP to give some sort of explanation - clearing up whether López Monreal exists or not.
Some Cubans wonder if the letter was written as part of some sort of propaganda campaign. Sánchez pointed out that a comment on the Penúltimos Días blog claimed the letter was written by CAM, which Sánchez said refers to noted Cuban author Carlos Alberto Montaner.
The plot thickens...

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