Sunday, October 21, 2012

Fidel Castro at Hotel Nacional

EFE is reporting that Fidel Castro surfaced at the Hotel Nacional in Havana. See story (in Spanish).

Quick translation of the EFE story:
The president of Cuba Fidel Castro met Saturday in Havana with Venezuelan former vice president Elias Jaua, who subsequently joined him at the National Hotel in Havana, which is his first public appearance since months ago and after weeks of rumors about his health.

Jaua confirmed to reporters today this reappearance of Fidel Castro at the National Hotel, where he showed a photograph of the leader of the Cuban revolution in a vehicle, smiling and looking good.

"Comandante Fidel kindly received us yesterday. He stayed for five hours talking about agriculture, history, international politics and, well, Fidel is fine," said Jaua.

After the meeting, the former Cuban president accompanied Jaua at the Hotel Nacional in Havana, where today the Venezuelan political media showed a photograph of Fidel Castro appears on the inside of a vehicle with a straw hat and a plaid shirt.

For his part, the director of the National Hotel, Antonio Martinez, who appears in the photograph with Fidel Castro, told reporters he found the Cuban leader "very happy, with a smile and talking about many things."

Martinez hinted that Fidel Castro shared a few moments with National Hotel workers with whom he was "very emotional".

This reappearance of Fidel Castro, 86 years old and out of power since 2006, comes after weeks of intense speculation, mainly in social networks, on alleged worsening health status of the leader of the Cuban revolution.

The last images of Castro are from late March, when he met with Pope Benedict XVI in Havana to mark the pope's pastoral visit.

In addition, it's been four months since he does not publish his famous "Reflections", items he began writing during his recovery.


Jose Sanchez said...

so...only today they showed a picture taken yesterday in Nacional was up and about smiling and in good spirits ( they say...)
but today he could not go an vote ?? had to send the ballot by other means ( with a third) ??
curioser and curioser

Tracey Eaton said...

yes, indeed... curioser and curioser