Monday, October 22, 2012

Fidel Castro scoffs at death-bed rumors

Fidel Castro said Sunday claims he had suffered a massive stroke and was practically in a "neuro-vegetal state" were "voracious lies" and "outrageous nonsense."
Castro wrote in Cuba's state-run Granma newspaper:
I like to write and I write, I like to study and study. There are many tasks in the area of knowledge. The sciences, for example, have advanced with such an astonishing speed.

Photos taken by Castro's son, Alex Castro, show the former Cuban president standing, with the aid of a walker. He blamed reports he was on his death bed on "imperialist propaganda."
He said he stopped writing columns, his so-called "Reflections," because that is no longer his role, according to CubaDebate.
I stopped posting Reflections because it certainly is not my role to occupy the pages of our newspaper, devoted to other tasks required by the country.
Birds of ill omen! I do not even remember what it is to have a headache. As evidence that they are liars, I present the photos accompanying this article.