Monday, October 1, 2012

Juan Pablo Roque (part 1)

Juan Pablo Roque (part 1) from Tracey Eaton on Vimeo.
Oscar Haza, host of a program called "A Mano Limpia," broadcast today a portion of my interview with former Cuban spy Juan Pablo Roque. A quick-and-dirty version of the interview is above. See the entire one-hour "A Mano Limpia" episode here.
The Spanish-language station, based in Hialeah Gardens in South Florida, plans to broadcast additional segments of the interview later this week.
I wrote two stories based on the interview. The Miami Herald and El Nuevo Herald published one of those stories on Tuesday night. (See "Retired spy in Brothers to the Rescue case lives in obscurity in Havana" and "Sin dinero y desesperado ex espía cubano involucrado con Hermanos al Rescate").
Roque is a controversial figure and has harsh critics in South Florida. I suspect that supporters of the Cuban government see him in a much different light.

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