Saturday, October 20, 2012

A last hurrah in Bayamo

One of Fidel Castro's last big speeches from Tracey Eaton on Vimeo.

With Fidel Castro in the news again, I decided to post audio-only excerpts of one of his last major speeches before he fell ill in 2006.
Castro made two speeches on July 26, 2006, the anniversary of the start of the revolution. The first - this one - was in Bayamo in eastern Cuba. It began just after dawn and lasted more than two hours. The second speech - in Holguin - was much shorter.
Hours after the second speech, Castro underwent emergency surgery for an intestinal ailment. He dropped out of sight while recovering for four years after that and didn't give a speech again until September 2010.
The government provided an official transcript of the Bayamo speech (download 18-page document). It doesn't match precisely what Castro said that day. Go to jump for photos.

Castro explained he was drinking tea for his throat. 

The crowd in Bayamo
Castro at the days' second speech, in Holguín.

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