Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Cuban Foreign Ministry: Alan Gross is healthy (updated)

Alan Gross: Before and after
Statement by the Ministry for Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Cuba.

In the afternoon of November 26, 2012, a new meeting was held between diplomats of the United States Interest Section in Havana, including the head of that office, consular officials, the doctor and the nurse of that mission and members of the medical team in charge of providing medical assistance to US citizen Alan Gross, who is serving an imprisonment sentence.

During the meeting, the Cuban specialists offered US officials updated information about the health condition of Mr. Gross, which included the results of a biopsy performed on October 24, 2012 of a lesion located behind his right shoulder, which confirmed it was not carcinogenic.
The biopsy tested negative for neoplastic cells and it was confirmed that the lesion was made up by isolated muscle cells and extensive areas of red blood-cells that could be associated to a hematoma, which was immediately informed to Mr. Gross by his doctors. This test could not be performed before due to Mr. Gross’ refusal.

On that same day, November 26, the Cuban Interest Section in Washington also informed the results of the biopsy to his wife, Mrs. Judy Gross, as well as to the State Department.

The Cuban medical team likewise ratified that the general health condition of Mr. Gross is normal and that he is receiving the treatment required by his diseases, including the chronic illnesses that are typical of his age, which he had been suffering from even before his detention. Mr. Gross maintains a systematic physical exercises regime on a voluntary basis and eats a balanced diet that includes foods of his choice, which has allowed him to get rid of his former obese condition. His body weight is normal. Mr. Gross keeps in touch with his wife and family by phone on a weekly basis and receives consular visits every month.

Havana, November 28, 2012.

Gross's lawyer, Jared Genser, asked the Cuban government to allow that a doctor of his client's choice examine him, a request he said Cuban authorities have so far rejected. See Genser's statement.

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