Monday, December 3, 2012

Alan Gross case: The heat's on

Peter Kornbluh's iPhone photo. Credit: NBC News
Today is the third anniversary of the jailing of Alan Gross in Cuba. NBC News reported that the Senate today may present a resolution calling for his release.
The National Committee to Free the Cuban Five asks supporters to contact their senators and press for a prisoner swap (see contact information here).

The committee said:
The Senate and U.S. House of Representatives should not be allowed to ignore this pressing case of injustice against Five men whose due process rights were severely violated in Miami, and whose only role in the U.S. was to save lives. Let's turn the heat on at this crucial moment!
The Senate switchboard number is 202-224-3121.
NBC News on Sunday reported that Cuba specialist Peter Kornbluh had met with Gross for four hours on Nov. 28.
Kornbluh works at the National Security Archives, a respected nonprofit group that over the past 25 years has filed 40,000 Freedom of Information and declassification requests with more than 200 federal offices and agencies, opening up more than 10 million pages of previously secret government documents.
Kornbluh told NBC News that Gross was upset that the U.S. government has not done more to seek his release.
He’s angry, he’s frustrated, he’s dejected — and he wants his own government to step up" and negotiate, Kornbluh said. "His message is that the United States and Cuba have to sit down and have a dialogue without preconditions. … He told me that the first meeting should result in a non-belligerency pact being signed between the United States and Cuba.

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