Thursday, December 27, 2012

More Cuba work for ex-CIA agent

U.S. officials have extended their contract with a former CIA agent who was hired to manage a team of journalists in Cuba.
The latest four-month contract with ex-agent Daniel Gabriel is worth $10,430 and runs through April 30, 2013, records show.
Gabriel is a former CIA covert action officer who spent 10 years "countering violent-extremism, directing counter-insurgency operations, and developing and benchmarking counter-radicalization theory and methodology in the Islamic world," according to his biography.
Gabriel is the founding partner of Applied Memetics, a company based in Arlington, Va. On Sept. 26, the Broadcasting Board of Governors, which oversees Radio and TV Martí in Miami, agreed to pay Applied Memetics $9,909 for work performed from Sept. 26 to Nov. 15.
On Dec. 20, the BBG agreed to pay the company an additional $10,430, bringing the total contract amount to $20,339.

The BBG said its Cuban stringers would operate in "major cities in Cuba, including Havana and Santiago de Cuba" and "would provide regular local news and feature reports."
The Cuban reporters would be required to "conduct interviews and provide fair, accurate, balanced and objective news and feature stories in Spanish for broadcast on radio, television, mobile and web as required, including breaking news, and deliver news reports and work on short deadlines."
Gabriel is a former operations assistant at CNN who later joined the CIA and completed six tours to Afghanistan and Iraq in support of Operation Enduring Freedom and Operation Iraqi Freedom.
The former agent's biography states:
As an Agency officer, Mr. Gabriel created, managed, and executed innovative operations in hostile areas to counter violent-extremism and promote credible voices in Islamic societies. He was a key architect and implementer of strategic engagement, collaboration, and de-confliction efforts across USG agencies to integrate
global counter-terrorism strategic communications campaign after 9/11.
He has lived and worked in Indonesia, Philippines, Malaysia, Thailand, Ethiopia, Egypt,
Jordan, Algeria, UAE, Turkey, and Europe. Most recently, Mr. Gabriel has focused on developing proprietary assessment channels and influence mechanisms in Libya, Egypt, and Syria for overseas clients.
As of this afternoon, Applied Memetics was advertising three job openings, but none was related to the Cuba contract. The jobs included:

  • A sign language interpreter "to assist government clients and industry subject matter experts to be able to communicate on highly technical and sensitive programs. Interpreters will service clients from Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance (ISR) missions... Interpreters who also have experience understanding and explaining weapons systems are of cardinal value to government customers and will be compensated accordingly."
  • A specialist who would provide "strategic communications and information management expertise to NATO Supreme Allied Command Transformation Headquarters (HQ SACT), located in Norfolk, VA. We are generally seeking individuals with at least five years’ experience in a combination of two of the following three NATO Strategic Communications communities: Info Ops and Electronic Warfare, PSYOPS, or Public Affairs and Key Leader Engagements."
  • A cultural advisor or cultural awareness trainer who has "a demonstrated, intimate, firsthand understanding of Afghan culture, people, and society, acquired by personal experience or professional study. Individuals must be able to liaise effectively with U.S. and Afghan government officials and persons at all levels of Afghan society. Applicants need to be supportive of and committed to the U.S. and ISAF mission in Afghanistan."

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