Saturday, March 23, 2013

Baby steps: Sharing tweets with the opposition (updated)

Here we go - Cuban Vice President Miguel Díaz-Canel joined Twitter and in less than 24 hours he and Yoani Sánchez struck up a conversation.
Update: Diario de Cuba reported later that it appears the Twitter account is a fake.
The pro-government El Blog de Yohandry published a photo of Díaz-Canel with other government supporters and the statement:
Well, I have to announce to my fans that @Diaz_Canel is a fake account. I encourage friends to report this spam.
Whoever is running the account denied it was a hoax, saying:
My Twitter account is authentic. We'll be talking about social networks on the Mesa Redonda (Round Table) on Monday the 25th.


Moses said...

Okay,I don't know what you think but it sounds like Diaz-Canel just said "yes, in time we will have freedom of assembly and expression".

alongthemalecon said...

I don't know. Is the account authentic?

Moses said...

The problem is that in order to deny the interpretation that I and many others took from the response, it is well within the realm of possibility that the 'Thought Police' in Cuba would overrule Diaz-Canel and deny the authenticity of the account. Remember when Raul said in 2009 that he "was willing to meet Obama anywhere under any condition to negociate"? A day later Fidel's people said what Raul meant to say was that he was "available to negociate". Maybe Diaz-Canel said what he meant, and now won't be allowed to mean what he said?

alongthemalecon said...

It would be a shame if this is Diaz-Canel reaching out only to have higher-ups nix his efforts.

NPV said...

Tracey raises a question about his own post by wondering whether the reply was authentic.
1. If you are going to post, you should know how to go about authenticating the tweet. If you do not know how to do so, and if you are not sure whether the tweet is for real, then you should say so.

The purported statement is a simplified rendition of something he said inpublic which was more nuanced and complex.

I am sure that the US government has taken Tracey Eaton and his readers for a ride.