Saturday, March 16, 2013

Yoani Sanchez: Digital revolution will take time

Yoani Sanchez in New York City
I am heading back to Florida this afternoon after covering Yoani Sanchez's trip to New York City. On Friday night, I watched as the Cuban bloggers' supporters swarmed around her after hearing her speak, reaching out to touch her and kiss her on the cheek.
She had been acquainted with some of her big fans in the virtual world, but now she was meeting them for the first time in the real world, triggering hugs and whoops of delight.
Yoani Sanchez tweets during her appearance at New York University.
The blogger's connection with her online audience is close and passionate, and several of her supporters were near tears, their voices trembling, when talking to her for the first time.
It was clear that Sanchez's supporters in New York City far outnumbered her critics. I saw only a few hecklers.
Many people see Sanchez as a symbol of hope. And the blogger's travels to the U.S. and other nations will likely help strengthen the international network of digital activists who seek peaceful democratic change in Cuba.
Sanchez told her supporters to be patient. Change won't come from one day to the next, she said.

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Moses said...

I am so pleased to read that her trip to New York is going well. The entire department inside the G2State Security office in Havana dedicated to Yoani is probably working overtime to develop a response to this leg of her tour. They will sh*t bricks if she meets with Obama.