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Did El Nuevo Herald bring down David Rivera?

Manny Garcia
In the latest issue of Investigative Reporters & Editors, El Nuevo Herald takes credit for Republican David Rivera's loss to Democrat Joe Garcia in the November 2012 congressional race.
The newspaper was the first to report on accusations that Rivera had secretly financed political unknown Justin Lamar Sternad's bid to defeat Garcia in the Democratic primary.
The FBI launched a criminal investigation and eventually arrested Sternad and accused him of conspiracy to commit election fraud.
El Nuevo Herald Executive Editor Manny Garcia writes:
As a result of our reporting, Rivera lost his congressional seat.
David Rivera, left, and Joe Garcia
It was a great scoop, but Rivera had many other troubles. For instance, he was charged in October 2012 with 11 counts of violating ethics laws.
Would Rivera have defeated Garcia if the Sternad affair hadn't been discovered? Was Garcia's campaign so weak that he would have failed if not for El Nuevo Herald's story? Just wondering...

P.S. Below is a message that a reader sent in response to this post. I don't know anything about Florida politics. I'll leave this message for others to consider:

I read your blog post "Did el Nuevo Herald bring down David Rivera?" The Herald had their marching orders. Joe Garcia and his Chief of Staff Jefferey Garcia had their agenda.
What do you make of the following email from Jefferey Garcia sent to Herald reporter Marc Caputo, who later forwarded it to Mr. Sternad? After getting my hands on this email I had to ponder why the Herald did not search the FEC website and notice that Mr. Sternad first declared Candidacy in October 2011 for this cycle as well as all of the other filings that would disprove much of what was being claimed. Also, why didn't the Herald report that Joe Garcia himself had not filed his Statement of Candidacy until after the Primary Election? Joe's filings are on record through the FEC as well. He won the Primary, then declared candidacy......Funny business in Florida......


-------- Original message --------
Subject: Fwd: Stenard Illegal Campaign
Date: Sat Aug 04 18:22:54 EDT 2012
From: "Caputo, Marc"

On Sat, Aug 4, 2012 at 6:11 PM, Jeffrey Garcia wrote:

Lamar Stenard has not filed any paperwork with the Federal Elections
Commission ( ) which is required by law. The FEC requires even
candidates who spend no money to file a Statement of Candidacy, so that
they can have a record of their campaign. Sternard has not done this and
the deadline was months ago. Once a campaign reaches the thresh hold of
$5000 in expenditures they must file subsequent reports detailing all
contributions in excess of $200. Stenard has done none of this.

Lamar Stenard has no history of activism in the Democratic Party, has not
attended a single event, forum, parade or participated in any public

As the attached direct mail pieces prove Stenard is obviously spending
money, again a violation of FEC rules to not report these expenditures.
Rapid Mail, a company out of Hialeah is printing and applying postage to
these direct mail pieces and SOMEONE must be paying for this. The question
really is who is paying since Stenard is not reporting any contributions.

Today Stenard had paid workers at early voting polling places, yet another
expenditure that will never be reported.

Congressman Rivera's campaign has boasted that his campaign is behind the
Stenard effort and this would be logical considering the shady finances and
lack of legally required reporting missing from Stenard. Suffice it to say
that Rivera also believes that Garcia will be the more difficult general
opponent and is using this straw man to launch false attacks on Joe. Not
suprising is that Lamar's attacks on Joe are identical in content to
attacks Rivera made and then rescinded against Garcia two weeks ago.

Lamar Stenard also listed Joe Garcia's personal cell phone number which I
am trying to confirm is illegal as well.

Lastly, Stenard mail is overly anti-Hispanic in tone and makes a claim in
the mail about being the only candidate born in the US which is a blatant

I hope that you have the time and opportunity to look into these important

Thank you.

Jeffrey Garcia

Marc Caputo, Political Writer
Miami Herald
c. 850-264-3110

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