Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Flashback: Invasion of the love-sick crabs

A visitor inspects the engine of a downed aircraft at Playa Girón Museum in Matanzas Province.
Foes of Fidel Castro launched the Bay of Pigs invasion on April 17, 1961. Forty years later, a different kind of invasion disrupted a 40th anniversary reunion that brought together combatants from both sides of the conflict.
Swarms of crabs clogged the main road leading to the site of the reunion, stranding journalists and others traveling to the event.
The humans eventually prevailed and the event went off as planned. See photos here.


Antonio said...

Thanks, you have some amazing pictures gathered. An interesting, little known fact about the ransom. During the negotiations, Fidel was initially offered as much as US $63 million for the prisoners. He decided he was going to hold out for even more.

Events were disrupted by the missile crisis in October 1962 and when they resumed, Kennedy decided to play hardball, and reduced the offer to the eventual $53 million. Fidel miscalculated and it cost him here.

alongthemalecon said...

That's interesting, Antonio. Thanks!

Antonio said...

A funny fact about the exchange. There was food and medicine included, but also other random products like cooking starch and listerine.

A few Cuban govt. employees were sent to Florida to inspect the goods before they were shipped. I don't know if the Cubans were completely aware of what they were getting. I chuckle whenever I think of the listerine.

alongthemalecon said...

That's funny...