Monday, April 29, 2013

Tale of a quirky bank robber

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I met John Stanley by chance in Cuba more than a decade ago. He was a crime consultant and lectured at universities. He had a radio show, “Crime Wise With John Stanley,” which aired every Sunday on KRLD-AM in Dallas.
But in 2003, he snapped, robbing - by his estimate - 34 banks in Texas and five other states. The FBI nicknamed him the “Bubba Tooth Bandit” for his habit of wearing ugly fake teeth with dirty gums.
He was convicted and sent to prison, where he's Inmate No. 16051-077 and has a scheduled release date of May 18, 2062.
Now 69, Stanley went into seclusion after his latest conviction. He has not told his story to anyone - until now.
I interviewed Stanley at the Federal Correctional Complex in Beaumont, Texas, where he is serving a 57-year sentence.
You can read about his exploits in the "Bubba Toothed Bandit," now available on

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