Saturday, June 8, 2013

Cuban hunger striker rushed to hospital

Screenshots show hunger striker in weakened condition
A Cuban man who stopped eating to protest his eviction from his home was rushed to the hospital on Friday.
"We don't know if he's alive or is dead," dissident leader Jorge Luis Garcia, also known as "Antunez," said on Twitter.
Luis Enrique Santos Caballero started the hunger strike on May 24 after he and his wife, Ramona Maday García Ruiz, were evicted from their home in the town of Placetas in Villa Clara province in central Cuba.

Santos Caballero explained his protest in a YouTube video uploaded Thursday and declared:
If something happens to me, I blame the Castro regime. Down with the Castros. Long live Cuba.
In a second video, a man holds the hunger striker in his arms as his supporters chant slogans. At one point, a woman exclaimed, "He's fainted!" and grabs onto him as they carry him away.
Santos Caballero said he has only one kidney, which complicates his condition. The blog, Pedazos de la Isla, has additional information.

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