Friday, July 5, 2013

Omega 7 leader seeks freedom

Eduardo Arocena
The wife of Omega 7 leader Eduardo Arocena has launched new petition asking that he be paroled for humanitarian reasons.
Arocena is the founder of the anti-Castro Omega 7 paramilitary group. He was convicted on Sept. 22, 1984, after a six-week trial. A November 2010 prison document shows that he was found guilty of:
Attempting to kill a foreign official, attempting to use explosives to cause damage to personal property, lying to a grand jury, conspiring to manufacture and possess firearms, possession of unregistered firearms and firearms with obliterated serial numbers, conspiring to manufacture explosive devices and possession of explosive devices.
Now 70, Arocena is serving his prison term at FMC Rochester, a federal facility in southeastern Minnesota. His wife, Miriam, said in the petition:
He suffered a stroke. He is recovering. He has high blood pressure, chronic diabetes and glaucoma. His conduct has been exemplary. In the name of God, grant us this humanitarian petition. God bless this great nation.
Arocena contends that he will be entitled to mandatory parole after completing 30 years in prison on July 22, 2013.
The National Appeals Board denied Arocena's request for parole on May 7, saying that it was up to the Bureau of Prisons to decide if he was eligible for a parole hearing and the bureau hadn't made that decision.