Friday, July 5, 2013

Omega 7 leader seeks freedom

Eduardo Arocena
The wife of Omega 7 leader Eduardo Arocena has launched new petition asking that he be paroled for humanitarian reasons.
Arocena is the founder of the anti-Castro Omega 7 paramilitary group. He was convicted on Sept. 22, 1984, after a six-week trial. A November 2010 prison document shows that he was found guilty of:
Attempting to kill a foreign official, attempting to use explosives to cause damage to personal property, lying to a grand jury, conspiring to manufacture and possess firearms, possession of unregistered firearms and firearms with obliterated serial numbers, conspiring to manufacture explosive devices and possession of explosive devices.
Now 70, Arocena is serving his prison term at FMC Rochester, a federal facility in southeastern Minnesota. His wife, Miriam, said in the petition:
He suffered a stroke. He is recovering. He has high blood pressure, chronic diabetes and glaucoma. His conduct has been exemplary. In the name of God, grant us this humanitarian petition. God bless this great nation.
Arocena contends that he will be entitled to mandatory parole after completing 30 years in prison on July 22, 2013.
The National Appeals Board denied Arocena's request for parole on May 7, saying that it was up to the Bureau of Prisons to decide if he was eligible for a parole hearing and the bureau hadn't made that decision.

Federal guidelines allow mandatory parole hearings for inmates who serve 30 years - or two-thirds - of prison sentences of 45 years or longer.
Arocena also argued that he should be released because he has suffered a stroke. The National Appeals Board said poor health alone isn't sufficient reason to grant parole. It said in a letter to Arocena:
The Commission is aware of your health condition. Your health is not deteriorating. You have received therapy that has improved your condition. Therefore, you medical condition does not warrant an advancement of your release date.
The Bureau of Prisons website shows Arocena's scheduled release date as March 18, 2050.
A website supporting Arocena states:
Eduardo Arocena is NOT a terrorist, but a patriot who deserves freedom!


Henry Agueros said...

Eduardo Arocena was never convicted of he never committed one. Arocena is yet one more victim of the Kennedy/Khrushchev pact which has doomed any efforts by Cuban exiles to restore Liberty, Democracy in CUBA,

Henry Agueros said...

Eduardo Arocena deserves to be FREE at home with his Family in Miami. This man has suffered enough. If Cuban-Americans and exiles are good enough to forgive the U.S. for many dishonest acts against them,,,,Bay odPigs)...the US can for give true Patriot for following his heart.
Respectufully, Henry AguerosGarces.

Tracey Eaton said...

I read a few of the court documents in Eduardo Arocena's case and it appears to me that his lawyers didn't take advantage of some provisions in the law giving leeway to people whose activities were - at least at one time - endorsed by or carried out in cooperation with the CIA. When you compare the cases of Arocena with those of Luis Posada Carriles and Orlando Bosch, it certainly seems that Arocena wound up paying the highest price for his activities.

Mambi_Watch said...

The difference between Bosch, Posada and Arocena is that Arocena was arrested in the US after bombings increased throughout the 70s and authorities we're forced to act in response to larger public outcry.

Bosch was first sentenced in the US in the late 60s, and soon fled the US by the early 70s. Posada was never arrested in the US until 2005.

Omega7, led by Arocena, was labeled the most dangerous terrorist organization at the time, and can still be found in many terrorism reference books. No doubt he received a severe sentence as a warning to other militant groups.

Tracey Eaton said...

Mambi Watch - Thanks for adding that perspective...