Thursday, December 12, 2013

Ex-hijacker moved to Fort Lauderdale

William Potts. Photo: Broward Sheriff's Office
William Potts, the former hijacker who turned himself in to American authorities in November, was moved this week from a federal prison in Miami to the eight-story Broward County Jail in Fort Lauderdale.
His lawyer, Robert N. Berube, along with the prosecutor, filed an unopposed motion on Dec. 10 to delay the trial for 45 days.
Court records show the trial had been set for Dec. 30. The Dec. 10 motion contradicts that, noting the date as Dec. 16.
Whatever the case, the motion states:
In all likelihood this case will be resolved without the necessity of a jury trial, however obtaining the potential discovery material in this case is complicated.
As a result of Defendant William Potts’ lengthly incarceration in Cuba, the United States State Department may be in possession of numerous documents that undersigned counsel may be entitled to review.
Obtaining the documents from the United States State Department is a time consuming process, however the process has begun. It is unlikely that a second continuance would be requested.
Officials moved Potts to Fort Lauderdale because the U.S. District Court where he would be tried is located there.

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