Thursday, March 27, 2014

Former militant questions revolution (part 6 of 6)

Former militant questions revolution from Tracey Eaton on Vimeo.

Even after Cuban authorities jailed William Potts for hijacking a plane, he held out hope he'd found a revolutionary utopia.
He became a believer. He had faith in the Cuban revolution.
But after three decades in the country, he became disillusioned and said that is one reason he decided to send his two young daughters to the United States to live with his parents.
Cuban leaders "can't come up with any original ideas," Potts said. "They've lost their way."
For years, Cuban officials told the people they had to sacrifice, Potts said. Then they treated them "like lemons" and "squeezed out all the juice. And now you're throwing taxes at them."
Potts said he can't understand why the Cuban economy can't produce enough food for the people.
"You have old people going hungry. Food should not be a problem. There's no way you can justify it."
Young Cubans, he contends, "would sell this country in a heartbeat for the Internet" and other amenities of more developed nations.
The new man that Che Guevara envisioned "has not yet been produced."
Potts also criticized blacks in America, saying they have no political consciousness. And he faulted Barack Obama for backing some of the same policies as George W. Bush, "universally recognized as the stupidest president ever to occupy the office."


Antonio said...

I have always joked that there is one battle that Fidel lost, and that is the battle against Marabu. Also, the fact that Cuba has occasionally imported sugar since the special period has to be the greatest failure of the revolution.

Maria Carla González said...

“Opositores” cubanos y el departamento de Estado

Maria Carla González said...

“Opositores” cubanos y el departamento de Estado 26