Sunday, April 6, 2014

Another network for Cubans: Piramideo

Image taken from Piramideo's Facebook page
Hat tip to the ever-alert Emilio Ichikawa for noticing Radio & TV Martí's new statement on Piramideo, a social network for mobile phone users in Cuba.
I wonder if Piramideo is somehow connected to the Broadcasting Board of Governors' dealings with Washington Software Inc., in Germantown, Md.
Contract records show that the BBG, which oversees Radio & TV Martí, has paid Washington Software more than $3.2 million since 2011.
Los Martí's statement said:
Piramideo is a communication platform that Radio and TV Martí and, known as Los Martí, offer their audience and was created because of Cubans' need to communicate freely. 
Piramideo is a social communication network that allows Cubans on the island to communicate through text messages, without censorship or filters. 
It is a priority of Los Martí to ensure the privacy and efficiency of the transmission of text messages sent through Piramideo.
Carlos A. García-Pérez
Piramideo is one of the communication tools, such as radio, television, DVDs, flash drives, email and text messages, that Los Martí offers their audience so that they can connect with each other, learn, and free themselves from the totalitarian censorship and join the continuous process of hemispheric democratization. 
The mission of Los Martí is to promote the principles of freedom and democracy in Cuban society, and to offer the most complete coverage of the events on the island, Latin America and the world. It is our commitment to provide a balance of information on various ideas, which are not offered by the mainstream media in Cuba. 
Radio and TV Martí and are governed by the Office of Cuba Broadcasting, which is funded by the U.S. government. Los Martí maintain editorial independence and their news coverage based solely on strict journalistic principles. 
We thank our audience for their confidence in the reporting of Los Martí. 
Carlos A. García-Pérez
Director, Office of Cuba Broadcasting
Radio and TV Martí and
Piramideo's Facebook page

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