Friday, May 2, 2014

Alan Gross: Not so happy birthday

Alan Gross
Alan Gross, still behind bars in Cuba, turned 65 today. His lawyer, Scott Gilbert, visited Gross in jail last month and passed along an ominous message to reporters:
He will return to the United States before his 66th birthday, dead or alive.
Gross's wife, Judy, released a note asking for the White House to help. The note read:
After years of inaction, I’m imploring President Obama to intervene personally on Alan’s behalf and bring him home to our family.
Ric Herrero, director of a new NGO called #CubaNow, said in a statement:
Today marked the fifth birthday USAID contractor Alan Gross has spent in a Cuban prison cell, which has taken a terrible toll on both him and his family. We strongly urge the Obama administration to engage directly with the Cuban government to secure the release of Mr. Gross so he can come home as soon as possible and reunite with his family. Domestic politics should no longer stand in the way of our government acting to bring home one of our own.

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