Saturday, September 27, 2014

Too sacred for sniffing

Photo: Franklin Reyes/AP
Cuban officials are raising a stink over a state-run company's plans to market colognes named after Ernesto "Che" Guevara and the late Hugo Chavez.
LABIOFAM Entrepreneurial Group is developing the fragrances - called "Ernesto" and "Hugo." The company announced its plans at a congress held in Havana from Sept. 22 to Sept. 26.
On Friday, the executive committee of Cuba's Council of Ministers said neither of the families of the dead revolutionaries had authorized use of their names.
According to Granma, the committee statement said "the details of this irresponsible action were analyzed in depth" with the director of Labiofam and other officials who presented the product.
It was clarified that it is not true that the families of "Che" and Chavez had approved such a use of their names, as one of the officials told the AP, the American news agency.
For this mistake, the appropriate disciplinary measures will be taken. 
Initiatives of this nature will never be accepted by our people and by the revolutionary government. 
Symbols yesterday, today and always, are sacred.
The director of LABIOFAM is José Antonio Fraga Castro, nephew of Fidel and Raul Castro.


Unknown said...

la creacion de estos perfumes no fue un libretazo como ahora se quiere hacer ver en la nota del consejo de ministros que publica granma, pues el director-cacique de labiofam es el dr. jose antonio fraga castro, sobrino del moringuero en jefe y del general de despachos en funciones de presidente; que como miembro del clan conoce perfectamente las reglas internas del negocio castrista. el proyecto de investigacion y de negocios desarrollado conjuntamente con la firma comercial francesa Robertet durante mas de ano y medio y en el que estuvieron involucrados investigadores importantes de labiofam, tuvo que haber contado ademas con la entusiasta autorizacion de las familias de los prestigiosos difuntos. el asunto no esta en el truene de los participantes kubiches del proyecto que no debe salpicar a fraga castro, sino en por que se echaron ahora para atras.
best wishes

Lou Mercer said...

Much like America in that standing on the backs of our revelutionaries and poor people seems to make big business stand taller.

alongthemalecon said...

I wonder what the punishments will be and whether they will make them public.

Moses said...

Tracey, it is not clear to me, given the arguments the Castro regime has put up to reject these perfumes, why a Che T-shirt is acceptable and a Che perfume is not. Can you weigh in on this?