Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Wanted: A Bullpen Boss

This job ad for a "bullpen" supervisor caught my eye:
USAID’s Office of Transition Initiatives is seeking highly motivated, highly qualified individuals who want the opportunity to help support rapid international transition programs for priority conflict-prone countries. Created in 1994 as a distinct operating unit within USAID, OTI helps local partners advance peace and democracy in politically-transitioning countries. Seizing critical windows of opportunity, OTI works on the ground to provide fast, flexible, short-term assistance targeted at key transition needs.
Applicants must be U.S. citizens who are able to obtain a "SECRET" security clearance.
Here's background on OTI, which has worked in Cuba:
Countries experiencing a significant political transition in the midst of a disaster or emerging from civil conflict have unique needs that cannot be fully addressed by traditional disaster relief. Timely and effective assistance to promote and consolidate peaceful, democratic advances can make the difference between a successful or a failed transition. OTI assists in securing peace by aiding indigenous, mostly non-governmental, civil society and media organizations.
OTI uses such mechanisms as support for re-integration of ex-combatants into civilian society; development of initiatives to promote national reconciliation; identification of quick-impact community self-help projects to meet urgent economic needs; and aid to independent media outlets and community-based organizations to help promote informed debate and broaden public participation.
To respond quickly and effectively and meet its program objectives and mandate OTI retains a group of high level professionals and experts under U.S. Personal Services Contracts (USPSCs). These knowledgeable and skilled professionals make up the vast majority of the OTI work force and are at its forefront implementing and achieving the office’s programmatic goals and objectives.
The salary ranges from $89,924 to $138,136 per year.

Here's more about the job:
The Surge Staff Supervisor will be responsible for the overall management of the OTI Bullpen, an intermittent workforce consisting of approximately 35 high-level professionals and experts that support OTI overseas and domestically in a surge capacity. The Surge Staff Supervisor is a member of the Field Program Division (FPD) management team with the Division Chief and the Administrative Program Assistant, and a member of the FPD Regional Team Leaders group.
OTI uses the Bullpen to support a variety of functions throughout the office in Washington, DC and the field. The Surge Staff Supervisor is charged with managing the Bullpen and will have additional responsibilities of monitoring and evaluation, mentoring, and training (including on-the-job training). The incumbent will ensure that individuals serving in the Bullpen possess a minimum standard of knowledge about OTI and its country program functions throughout the standard OTI program cycle, in an effort to continually improve this important office resource.
The Surge Staff Supervisor is a strategic thinker, articulates innovative ideas, presents solutions, and is a positive role model for colleagues both in and outside of OTI.
Applications are due Dec. 17.

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