Thursday, January 8, 2015

What legacy does Fidel Castro leave?

I shot this photo of Fidel Castro marching for Elián González' return
Six years ago this month, I wondered if Fidel Castro's health might have slipped after he wrote an extraordinarily brief column in Granma, the Communist Party newspaper (See "Fidel Castro's 16 words").
Rumors about Castro's health have surfaced regularly, especially after he fell ill in 2006. And those rumors are flying once again.
One of these days, the rumors will be true - we'll learn that Castro is gone.
What legacy does he leave? Any thoughts?


Humberto Capiro said...

Biggest liar, biggest ego, biggest bank account of any Cuban politician! He was a very smart psychopath and history will not absolve him!Just like Stalin his "legacy" has yet been written!

Unknown said...

It sad to see such ignorance. As a Cuban I appreciate the education and has given me. For with that I was able to succeed in the United States.