Monday, May 4, 2015

Hyper-local media outlets in Cuba

2012 proposal
Normando Hernández, the youngest of 75 activists arrested during the Black Spring of 2003, was exiled to Spain in 2010 and later settled in the United States.
In 2012, he was a Reagan-Fascell fellow and studied how independent journalists could deal with authoritarian governments. That same year, he proposed the creation of "hyper-local" media outlets in Cuba. His presentation is dated, but I hadn't seen it until now and thought I'd share it.
Hernández stated:
For ordinary Cubans to continue reclaiming social spaces, they need access to information and the ability to process it. This will allow them to make their own decisions and take action. Therefore, I propose the creation of a network of “hyper-local” community media outlets that rely on citizen journalism to promote a method of communication by Cubans, for Cubans, inside Cuba. This type of journalism would focus on the specific interests of local communities and be open to any citizen willing to participate. The international community can contribute to empowering ordinary Cubans by supporting independent community media centers that circulate information inside Cuba; monitoring violations against freedom of information; denouncing attacks; and standing in solidarity with citizen journalists.

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