Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Taíno dance in Cuba

Taíno dancer
New on YouTube: A video showing a group of Cubans performing a Taíno dance. The video includes an interview - in Spanish - with Abel Espinosa, one of the dancers.


RL Skewed said...

Great video!

Near what town in Cuba was the Taino dance you filmed?

Where can I find information about how to attend one of their performances?

Where is there more information (link, blog, Facebook, website, etc.) about the Taino dance group you filmed.

Did you go on your own or with a tour group?


alongthemalecon said...

I came across the dancers along the Canímar River in Matanzas province. I don't know of any websites offering more information. I was on my own, not on a tour. Best of luck!