Tuesday, September 27, 2016

NED's Cuba projects

The U.S. government-financed National Endowment for Democracy, or NED, supports the following projects in Cuba:

Advocating for a Human Rights Framework for Cuba
International Platform for Human Rights in Cuba
To advocate for human rights in the European Union negotiations with the Cuban government. IPHRC will work with Cuban activists to enhance their understanding of the EU – Cuba bilateral negotiation process and improve their capacity to advocate before the EU for the inclusion of human rights into the agenda.

Advocating for Freedom of Religion in Cuba
Evangelical Christian Humanitarian Outreach for Cuba
To foster greater freedom of religion in Cuba. EchoCuba will work with trusted partners in Cuba to hold events and produce materials that encourage discussion of freedom of religion, democratic values and freedoms.

Changing Cuba’s Media Landscape
Clovek v tisni, o.p.s. – People in Need
To promote greater freedom of information and freedom of expression. The organization will provide independent media professionals with training and technical assistance to produce uncensored content on social, political, economic and cultural developments in Cuba. The group will also build the technical capacity of independent organizations throughout Cuba to carry out initiatives aimed at increasing the free flow of information.